air jordan 11

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air jordan 11

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From 2006, it can record the first Nike+ products air jordan 11 of jogging data, user groups of Nike+ have added to six million. Nike+ include three parts: transferring data of special Nike shoes, chip which is put in insole and data receiver-iPhone3GS. Nike+ products is a pressure sensor in Nike shoes inside, which can take note player's every training data, and wireless transmission to iPod or iPhone.After Nike+ is prepared, athletes not only can listen music but also can take note many kinds of running data, such as speed, distance, time and calorie, then can reserve data records and upload to Nike+ online community.

These three styles of new products will come into market in Britain, America, France and China Nike exclusive shop on June 29 of this year.Nike+ GPS iPhone can help athletes in many ways. The ubiquity of running: from indoor to outdoor, from runway to running machine, the application program combines accelerometer with GPS technology function, and can trace running everywhere and draw for the air jordan 1 1 track. Even if it can not receive GPS signal, accelerometer also can let user continue follow speed, distance, time and quantity of heat.Challenging oneself: the function of self-challenge can help runner to make the challenge for themselves and then let them run faster, further or run more time than before.

On the eve of the opening air jordan 4 of the London Olympics, Nike Company also announced to the outside world of Turbo Speed Sport Package that is customized for the U.S. team. The scientific and technological content is very high.One style with black gray camouflage appeared its presentation of the new product called Nike Foots cape Free have been seen by us last month. On the one hand, this time, we are able to see the real picture of this style, and on the other hand, we are also possible to see one distinctive Nike Foots Cape Free new product in wine red at the same time.

In the first time, the shoes body was a little thicker, nike air jordan 1 but this endowed it a sense of light feeling. If you like, you can purchase it in each big Nike shops.With the approach of the Olympic Games in London, basketball is an important sports event, people would not like to pay simple attention to the game, in the meanwhile, the fans also would like to pay attention to stars on what kind of war boots they are going to put on in the game. Nike Air Flight Falcon is a classic basketball shoes style, however, it did not take part in an Olympic Games. This shoes style' shoe body took the black matte leather-based as its material.

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