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Nike Free 3.0

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Cabins are available for Nike Air 180 lodging, as well as teepees and Conestoga wagons for families with children aged seven and older. Unusual accommodations at the Double JJ include teepees and Conestoga Wagons for kids only; right - secluded Back 40 cabins. Below - The rustic "Loft" on the Thoroughbred Golf Course. Other accommodations include the Thoroughbred Loft and Homestead Condominiums, both bordering the golf course. I stayed in the Loft, a gorgeous three-story rustic hotel with - gasp! -running water, television, telephone, a minifridge and even Jacuzzis in select suites. Don't expect plush carpeting or mahogany furnishings, but after a day on the ranch, you will welcome the room for what it was designed for - sleeping.

According to the literature, I was "minutes away, miles from the ordinary" attending the annual Media Golf Round-Up at the 1,500-acre ranch with its adjoining championship golf course. So I was ready for anything that weekend, including taking part in my first rodeo on Friday. The ranch holds about twenty rodeos a year, and this particular weekend marked the first of the 2003 season. During one of the audience participation portions of the rodeo, I was coaxed into the rodeo ring, only to find myself chasing baby bulls with Nike Air Max 180 ribbons tied to their tails. The object was to snag one of these ribbons, and the winning ribbon would win a cute lil' statue commemorating the feat. All but one of the bulls had been stripped, and I found myself uniquely poised to rip a ribbon off the running ribeye.

The Dominican Republic is a well-known favorite destination of Canadians from Newfoundland to British Columbia. It is the Nike Air High Tops second largest island in the Caribbean, with a population of eight million and a landmass of 48, 442 square kilometers. The island offers something for everyone - seductive sunsets, the highest mountains in the Caribbean, rolling landscapes, villas, busy cities, and over 1,500 kilometers of gorgeous beaches. The island is actually entitled (Hispañiola) and hosts two countries: Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is located on the east side of the island and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. My traveling companion, Kevin, an avid bogey golfer like myself, and I, flew into Puerto Plata, located on the northern tip of the island.

We were looking forward to experiencing and writing about two hotels recently acquired by Hilton and the Guavaberry golf course. Prior to departing we considered the best Nike Outlet Jordans method of getting around the island. We obtained maps; we inquired about car rates and researched public transportation and hotel shuttle services. In the end we were undecided and concluded that this was one item we could arrange upon arrival. We have driven in many places including: London, England; Athens, Greece; Germany and even Montreal. Heck, if you can drive in Montreal without an insurance claim, you can drive anywhere, right? As a result, we opted to a rent a car to get us around the island. Figuring we're both careful and confident drivers and competent navigators, we didn't anticipate too many problems.

We completed the walk-around and we checked the tires, which looked satisfactory as long as it didn't rain. The best we could arrange was a fair $190 USD for the week. It was a box on wheels with air-conditioning and a radio, with manual windows. We would discover our simple, run-down Nissan with spongy, springy seats, was one of the better cars on the road. The deal signed and sealed, we fired it up and off we went, map in hand. I was the prepared navigator and Kevin the confident driver. We laugh when we think how naïve we were. Somehow the excitement, and unclear directional traffic signs, led to taking the wrong turn out of the airport and we drove one pleasant and interesting hour the wrong way. At that point we should have known that we might be up for a bit of challenge. Eventually we did find our hotel, which was actually only 15 minutes from the airport. Our first destination was the Marien Coral by Hilton.

From the maintained fairways, to the manicured first cut around the greens and roughs, right down to cutting the hole and its placement, I was delighted with the care and condition of the course. A word Nike Free 3.0 to the wise, as the weather warms up, the grass length is extended to protect the growth. Averaging in the mid 90's throughout the summer, which is actually quite nice in a dry climate, you may find yourself playing an extra club to reach some of those second shots. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this course plays with numerous elevated and dropped greens for approach shots? Well, if I didn't, then make sure the clubbing rules are understand when standing above or below the target. It will help. Other than that, the course is a snap.
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